MAZMA (Society for Uplifting Traditional Magic & Performing Arts) –

is a Delhi based NGO working for the preservation of Magic & other traditional arts of India. Traditional Magician do not have the protection of any governmental or non-governmental organizations, neither are they supported by any welfare associations. Mazma aims to rejuvenate Traditional Indian Magic, which is fast becoming a lost art, as an art form deserving of preservation & nurture. And new places for performances can also be found, once they get social acceptance. Mazma plans to approach institutions like government haats, shopping malls or multiplex complexes to get permanent venues for performances.

Mr. Raj Kumar even made a DVD of Indian Traditional Magic in which he preserved the dying Art of Magic of India by capturing street Magicians from all across India. The project was sponsored by the world’s biggest organization- UNESCO. DVD was launched by a world famous & highly acclaimed American Illusionist – Franz Harary.

He made Indian Street Magic popular in whole across Europe by performing himself the great Indian Legendary Magic Act- The Great Indian Rope Trick. He even took Madaris to Amsterdam, Dubai, Sharjahan, Mauritius & to many more National & International cities to perform.