Mr. Raj comes from a financial weak middle class family. As a child he used to thoroughly enjoy practicing different art forms. Using the same skill he earned his bread & butter in his teenage. He sold painting on roads, did calligraphy on red lights, delivered dance performances & acted as characters in events to earn his livelihood. During his journey he saw a Madari & got influenced by his skill of entertaining his audience. That day he decided to learn Magic & follow the same as his full time passion.

At that time there were no Magicians or academy of Magic. He found it extremely difficult to learn this art. There were hardly any Magicians. And because this art was never taught openly it was always considered to be Mystic. But he understood that Magic doesn’t have any kind of Mantras or the Magicians do not have any kind of powers rather it is simply sleight of hands, optical illusions, principles of science & some special apparatus. Somehow he learnt few techniques by consistently roaming around Madaris for years.

While working as an asst. accountant in 1982 with Mohan Meakin Limited and aspiring to be a Magician, he started practicing Magic and soon became a public performer. His did his first show for INR10 only & today he is one of the highest paid Illusionist of India charging INR 3lacs for a 60min show.